1) ADJ: ADJ n Working people have jobs which they are paid to do.

Like working women anywhere, Asian women are buying convenience foods.

2) ADJ: ADJ n Working people are ordinary people who do not have professional or very highly paid jobs.

The needs and opinions of ordinary working people were ignored...

One or two, in blue suits, might have been bank officials. Others were clearly working men.

3) ADJ: ADJ n A working day or week is the amount of time during a normal day or week which you spend doing your job. [mainly BRIT]

For doctors the working day often has no end...

Automation would bring a shorter, more flexible working week.

(in AM, usually use , work week)
4) ADJ: ADJ n A working day is a day on which people go to work. [mainly BRIT]

The full effect will not be apparent until Tuesday, the first working day after the three day holiday weekend.

(in AM, usually use workday)
5) ADJ: ADJ n Your working life is the period of your life in which you have a job or are of a suitable age to have a job.

He started his working life as a truck driver.

6) ADJ: ADJ n The working population of an area consists of all the people in that area who have a job or who are of a suitable age to have a job.

Almost 13 per cent of the working population is already unemployed.

7) ADJ: ADJ n Working conditions or practices are ones which you have in your job.

The strikers are demanding higher pay and better working conditions.

8) ADJ: ADJ n Working clothes are designed for doing work in, and are intended to be practical rather than attractive.
9) ADJ: ADJ n A working relationship is the relationship you have with someone when you work with them.

A working relationship turned into a very close friendship...

The vice-president seems to have a good working relationship with the president.

10) ADJ: ADJ n A working farm or business exists to do normal work and make a profit, and not only for tourists or as someone's hobby.
11) ADJ: ADJ n The working parts of a machine are the parts which move and operate the machine, in contrast to the outer case or container in which they are enclosed.
12) ADJ: ADJ n A working model is one that has parts that move.
13) ADJ: ADJ n A working knowledge or majority is not very great, but is enough to be useful.

This book was designed in order to provide a working knowledge of finance and accounts...

Neither candidate won a working majority.

14) ADJ: ADJ n A working title or definition is one which you use when starting to make or do something, but which you are likely to change or improve.

His working title for the script was `Trust the People'.

15) N-PLURAL: usu N of n The workings of a piece of equipment, an organization, or a system are the ways in which it operates and the processes which are involved in it.

Neural networks are computer systems which mimic the workings of the brain...

The bill would give people the right to much more information about the workings of government.

16) N-PLURAL You can use workings to refer to deep tunnels or holes which have been dug in the ground in order to remove coal, metal, or stone.

...housing which was built above old mine workings.

17) in working ordersee order

English dictionary. 2008.

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